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Migrants’ Religion Challenges Europe

These are the key concepts of the multidisciplinary research Migrations and Religious Beliefs that has involved about thirty researchers – including sociologists, philosophers, psychologists, jurists, political scientists, theologians – over a three-year period. This work intends to reestablish the right emphasis onthe spiritual dimension in the understanding and governance of human mobility and interethnic coexistence. The research was presented on Friday, the 25th of September during the conference “The religion of the migrant as a challenge for society and the church” , promoted by Università Cattolica together with the Italian Bishops’ Conference (CEI). Ascolta "Migrants and religious identity" su Spreaker. In order to develop the positive potential of religion, the researchers identify certain conditions that call into question the responsibility of the government authorities, the reception system, the school and the religious organisations themselves. The religion of migrants is a challenge for the heterogeneous and globalized contemporary society. research #migrants #religion Facebook Twitter Send by mail Print.

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